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Exotic Generation UK has some of the most prestigious and experienced judges on their panel. 

This year we will be offering workshops with a few. 

We are super excited to have the amazing Sasha Meow & Doris Arnold, Judge, Perform and teach workshops @EgenUK

Sasha Meow: 


Sasha has is a Certificated Pole Dance trainer at "FEEL GOOD: pole dance & workout" studio in Riga.

She is an Exotic Pole Dance Artist, who has performed around the world. Sasha has also won many titles. 

Star guest performer at “Rise the night” Pole Show LA, Hollywood California 2020 judge of such numerous championships as:

“Czech Exotic open” 2020/2021

 “Pole Emotion Festival” 2019

“Pole Battle Tricks” 2018 Greece

"Pole Doll 2017" in Minsk, Belarus  

"Exotic Generation 2017", in Moscow and Italy 

Winner of Pole Emotion Festival 2018 Exotic Supreme category

Finalist of the Pole Theatre WORLD 2017

Winner of Pole Theatre Poland 2017, pro Classique category

1 Prize at Pole Emotion Festival 2016 Show Emotion, professional category (Riga)

Winner of Pole Theatre UK 2016, semi-pro Classique category  

1 place at Pole Art Baltic Cup 2016, semi-pro (Tallinn) 

2 place at Exotic Generation 2016, category Exotic Flow (Moscow)

1 place at Pole Star 2015, category Exotic Show (Saint Petersburg)

Doris Arnold: 
Professional dancer of ballet, modern, African, hip-hop and ballroom, Doris Arnold has also worked as a stripper in the realm of nightlife for ten years. In 2008 she discovered pole dancing could be an art form and started teaching it. As one of the
French pioneers, she decided to devote herself entirely to her passion by creating her first studio in 2010 and travelled to the various studios abroad in order to pursue her training. She has won the 2013 French Pole Dance championship, and became European championship runner-up, got titled multiple times in international competitions and was even a finalist in the 2014 world pole dance championship. She is renowned internationally for her unique style
mixing strength, fluidity and sensuality.
Nowadays, Doris doesn’t compete anymore but takes part to pole and exotic dance events as showgirl, judge and guest performer. In order to perfect her Art and complement her technical skills in pole dancing, Doris Arnold took to other disciplines inspired from circus acts such as aerial hoop and hammock, contortion, handstands... as well as fitness and contemporary dance.
In 2015, she chose to open a brand new studio: Le Studio Françoise which enables her to teach all the disciplines she enjoys in the same place. She chose to surround herself with a team of experts in order
to pass on her passion in the best conditions.
Her past as a stripper and her passion for the erotic arts have led Doris Arnold to
make fun, body positivity, self-confidence development, sex-appeal and the respect
of differences the main tools for teaching and motivation, whatever the discipline
she teaches. In that state of mind, she decided to create “Athlète atypique” in 2017,
and now offers training and professional teaching intensives focused on
diverse fun disciplines, rather uncommon in Europe.
Her goal is to offer a new vision of sport and the art of movement in which effort is
used to develop well-being, self-confidence and entertainment.



Workshops: - All Workshops are £50 per person and non refundable. 
Held @The Pole Room Peterborough

Friday 28th October  


Sasha Meow - Flow - 6pm 
FLOW (all levels) Choreography with interesting flow transitions. All about lines and fluidity. Learn how to fill the space with movements, how to enjoy yourself while dancing.

Sasha Meow - Heels Tricks/ Transitions All Levels - 7.30pm

Exotic transitions and stylish tricks for Heels  routines. 

Doris Arnold - Pole Like  A Stripper - 9pm 

It’s a bestseller ! A sexy choreo class with thepole but no tricks, which is solely devoted to the sensual side of pole. Bring your heels, your sexiest outfit and you’ll love it ! Even the very beginners will feel comfortable thanks to Doris’s methods.

Workshops: - All Workshops are £50 per person and non refundable. 
Held @The Pole Room Peterborough

Sunday 30th October 


Sasha Meow - DYNAMIC - Inter/Advanced - 10am 
This is perfect for those who love dynamic elements and jumps on high heels. Rhythmic unusual choreography.

Doris Arnold - Pole Signature - Inter and Upwards - 11.45am 
This workshop was created in order to teach you Doris’s style through tricks,  spins and combos of her own creation. Come and take on the challenge, Doris will guide you to master all her tricks as perfectly as she does.

Doris Arnold - Pole Exotic - All Levels - 1.30pm 
A very sexy choreo and acrobatics class in which Doris doesn’t teach “Russian Style” Exotic but rather develops her very own sensual, fluid and hypnotizing style. She will teach you all her secrets !

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