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Exotic Generation UK has some of the most prestigious and experienced judges on their panel. 

This year we will be offering workshops with a few. 

We are super excited to have the amazing Sarah
Scott & Jakub Kolasa Judge, Perform and teach workshops @EgenUK

Sarah Scott 


Sarah Scott is an internationally recognised pole performer and instructor, now located in Thailand. Sarah has been poling for over 10 years. She has a list of accolades including winner of  Miss Pole Dance UK, Pole Theatre UK, An XPERT Master Trainer and guest judge and performer as some of the largest competitions across the world.


Sarah is the proud owner of OTP clothing and her gorgeous studio OTP Studio Phuket where she runs her ever growing and busy pole retreats.

All whilst being a badass pole dancer, business women and mum to her little one.  

Workshops: - All Workshops are £45 per person and non refundable. 

Held @XPOLE Academy Potters Bar

Friday 6th October  

Sarah Scott - Banging Heels Choreo - Mixed Level - 6pm 
Learn a fun and dynamic routine with added tricks that will elevate your kips, drops and bangs! Tricks will be broken down in detail with everything linking together to music at the end. Level options will be given and knee pads are required. 

Sarah Scott - Ripple and Glide Heels Choreo - Mixed Level - 9pm

Learn gooey, flowing transitions with a focus on musicality, smooth movements and dancing with intention. Level options given and knee pads are required.

Jakub Kolasa: 
Jakub discovered pole dancing in 2012 after parting ways with his competitive ballroom dancing career and immediately fell in love! He was instantly hypnotised by the combination of dance, sensuality and athleticism it had to offer. He quickly started attending multiple classes a week as he simply couldn't get enough and fast-forward 11 years - it's now his whole life! 


Ever since becoming an instructor, he's made it his goal to make pole fitness, heels and flexibility as understandable and accessible as possible. The reality is-we're all different! We learn at different paces and need a different approach to process knowledge the best way we can. Therefore he constantly challenges himself to deliver the highest quality teaching, so his students can progress as safely and effectively as possible. He's very proud to be a part of the XPERT team, where as a Master Trainer he can help guide new instructors through the ins-and-outs of efficient education.

His love of performing has earned him several prestigious international titles, including:
- Elite Pole Championships UK Pole Idols Heelography Champion 2023
- Exotic Generation UK 2019 Male Division Champion & Overall Winner
- Felix Cane Championships 2016 Runner-Up
- European Pole Art Champion
- 3x National Pole Sports Champion

Jakub has also spent most of his life obsessed with the art of flexibility. Over the years he has worked with many world-renowned contortion coaches to consistently improve his skills and knowledge. With multiple qualifications under his belt he has proven to be a diligent and reliable flexibility teacher, always putting safety first.

Held @XPOLE Academy Potters Bar

Friday 6th October  






Jakub Kolasa - Badass Pole Tricks (Heels Tricks) - Mixed Level 7.30pm 
The ultimate heels tricks workshop! We will be focusing on pole tricks catering to heels lovers that you will be able to use in routines in the future. Master dozens of different kips, handstands, splits, fish flops, you name it! This workshop is  Mixed Level. 

Jakub Kolasa - Shadowbanned (Floor Choreo) 9pm 

During this workshop you will learn a filthy low flow / floor routine, no standing up or aerial pole work! We will start off by mastering some impressive floor tricks, which we will later use in a routine so dirty Instagram won't just shadowban us, it'll fully block us and go after our families. This workshop can also be taught as a full floor tricks workshop without choreo if preferred! Workshop suitable for students of all levels. 

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